Thrive in Uncertainty

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
— Socrates
  • You reduced expenses, paused projects and deferred everything possible. It’s as if there was a big red “stop” button and you hit it hard. You had to. It was the only way to survive. You know things can’t stay like this much longer, but you feel caught betwixt and between. On one hand, you feel a strong urge to just get things back to normal—to the way they were—but something in your gut is screaming to you, “hey… maybe there is a better way.”

    When faced with an unexpected change you have a choice. Fight to regain what was or harness the energy of change to build what can be—one step at a time. 

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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

— St. Francis of Assisi

Thrive in Uncertainty will shift the organization’s mindset from surviving to thriving by creating greater acceptance of change as the new normal. The experience will elevate leadership’s ability to manage immediate challenges while supporting the long-goals of the organization. This highly interactive, immersive, and scalable digitally delivered program was designed from the ground up to meet the new challenges of large group facilitation within social distancing requirements.

Our team brings practical solutions, deep expertise and a range of perspectives to deliver the kind of tangible results that help organizations learn how to embrace change as an opportunity. Organizations will emerge from the process prepared to evolve, strengthen, and thrive during the uncertainties of today and long into the future.

What outcomes can you expect?


Strategic Leadership

You and your teams will be better prepared to lead in a way that acknowledges the uncertainty and instills confidence and clarity around priorities.


Focused Teams

Your teams will have greater clarity and feel more engaged and connected to your purpose and direction. This translates to increased productivity propelled by a shared sense of pride and commitment.


Agile Performance

Your operational approach will be retooled and hardened to withstand disruption. The waves of change will serve as an opportunity to enable greater innovation and stronger performance.

Our Approach


Check relevance, alignment and cohesiveness of the organization’s core  (identity narrative, image, culture and vision) and from there, determine where and when to stay the course or change direction.


  1. With strategic clarity, your teams will be focused and productive
  2. Resources can be wisely allocated
  3. Priorities can be planned and executed in short sprints

Ask how they’re doing. Listen. Acknowledge the uncertainty. Make sure they feel safe. Lean into your organization’s purpose, mission and values as a way to inspire and provide a sense of belonging and meaning, and instill confidence through strategic clarity.


  1. Workers who are more trusting, connected to each other, committed to the organization and collaborative
  2. A healthier, less stressed workforce

When the future is unclear, you can keep your teams focused and productive by operating in small teams, with sprints, and embracing short-term strategies.

Research reveals those who use this technique experienced:

  1. 38% - 100% improvement in deadlines met
  2. 25% - 80% increase in productivity
  3. 83% improvement in client satisfaction
  4. 74% increase in team moral

Create opportunities for compassion and empathy, provide relief for stakeholders where possible and build a more rapid-response marketing operation to ensure marketing and sales messages are contextually appropriate and relevant.


Strong brands on average achieve:

  1. 3 times the sales volume
  2. 13% price premium

Periodically assess the external operating environment, workers and key stakeholders to identify opportunities, adjust priorities, share learning, celebrate successes and ensure continued return on reputation.


  1. Quickly adjust to an ever-changing external environment

  2. Focused and productive teams

  3. Inspired and fulfilled workers

  4. Stronger return on reputation

Our clients think we’re pretty gnarly

The organization dialogue was one of my most favorite days in my tenure with the organization. A day of positivity. A day of hope. A day we realized our hopes and dreams were possible. As a new CEO, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Chandra Smiley

CEO, Community Health Northwest Florida

As a University, the stories we tell and live are critical to the health and vitality of our organization. The idgroup team possesses a proven process to help ensure that the stories we share align with the strategic direction and vision of our organization.

Martha Saunders, Ph.D.

President, UWF


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